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Proudly delivering recording and analytics solutions for over 24 years!

Cistera was founded in 1999 and is a pioneer in voice recording and analytics. The Cistera development team, constantly respond to customer feedback, to deliver groundbreaking solutions. 

Cistera is a data driven organization that provides tools that deliver insights valuable for organization efficiency, safety, compliance, event analysis and the identification of training opportunities. Visit our case studies to learn more about how Cistera can improve visibility into your organization.

Some of our global installations


Some of our valued clients


Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Alaska – EMT and First Responder mobile command center – Cistera’s first LMR installation deployment (2008) inside a mobile command van that supports first responders in the Alaska borough of Matanuska-Susitna. The van is available to multiple agencies including local fire, police and emergency medical services, as well as the Division of Forestry. It serves as a command post during emergencies, drills and large-crowd events linking two-way radios to an IP communications environment, land mobile radio, cellular and landline networks.

In the event there is a regional emergency, Matanuska-Susitna officials want to have the truck become the central communications command center and be able to connect the various groups on the fly into particular talk groups, they also want to make sure as they do exercises that they can capture how they responded, for training and in the event they need to document it. The recordings become an important requirement. The mobile communications van is used by law enforcement during major incidents, such as a hostage situation. It also is used by the Division of Forestry to assist firefighters during the May start of the area’s wildfire season. In addition, the Department of Emergency Services will use the van to respond to events in the area’s remote regions.

The van supports inter-operable communications with all responding agencies as well as being able to receive and send information via the Internet and satellite technologies making it a mobile base of operations

North America

Healthcare campuses – campus security and safety channels are recorded, radio channels can be accessed from desktop phones.

Healthcare campuses are a complex array of building, parking garages, walkways, private and public access, EMS ports and delivery locations. Campus safety and security is tasked with monitoring and ensuring the safety of the patients, staff and visitors on campus and the security of the buildings and assets.

Within the campus, team interaction is focused on communication, situational awareness, appropriate assertion, leadership skills, and mutual support. Lines of communication include phones, radio’s, mobile devices, pagers and non-audio means such as color stobes. The ability to connect the teams together to respond to an incident normally requires duplication of equipment each has to carry.

Cistera LMRConnectIT and EAN Rapidbroadcast bridge this challenge by providing a cohesive communication network utilizing the most used tools – phones and radio’s for voice communications, pagers and mobile devices for messaging or code alerts. Event communications are recorded for follow up or investigations.

North America

Port of Houston, Port of Galveston – natural gas and oil processing and loading operations – connecting dock operations to on shore operations safety teams in central offices. Most cargo facilities in US ports are a diversified complex of public and private facilities. Port operations is normally a cooperative entity consisting of both the port authority which operates the major terminals and hundreds of private companies which include dock side services such as loading or unloading of cargo, transportation and other services. In most cases, ports include both commercial shipping as well as cruise lines.

Cistera LMR ConnectIT provides a key link between the teams onboard the ships and the companies that are servicing or own them. Corporate security and safety teams are normally headquartered inland away from the ports to ensure continued business operations during adverse weather events. Personnel on radio’s are able to communicate with the teams located inland through LMR ConnectIT and record the traffic for a variety of use including operations quality control, incident response or dockside situations requiring follow up by safety teams.

S America

Codelco is a Chilean state owned copper mining company. It is currently the largest copper producing company in the world. Codelco consists of research, exploration, acquisition and development departments. It has five principal operating divisions, Codelco Norte, Salvador, Andina, Ventanas and El Teniente, and a 49% interest in the El Abra Mine. It has several other potential mining operations under exploration and development including the Alejandro Hales, Gaby/Gabriela Mistral, the Toki Cluster, Mocha, and Casualidad projects. Cistera is proud to provide LMR recording and broadcasting solutions for mines across the Codelco network. In the event of a large scale incident, Codelco has the ability to ‘call all’ devices from a phone or radio.

Gulf of Mexico

Midstream oil and gas operations – Gulf of Mexico – connecting platform radios to mainland phone system. With approximately 2900 platforms located in the Gulf of Mexico, communications between platforms and platform to shore can be challenging. The most common communication is satellite radio or rig to satellite uplinks which is extremely expensive to implement and maintain. Most platforms also have commercially available site radios and repeaters allowing them to communicate with other company platforms and teams. The link however back to shore still is through inconvenient means again, satellite based and disparate systems.

Cistera LMR allows companied such as midstream producer’s the ability to connect, monitor and record traffic through the companies IP networks. In one case, this combination includes the platform radios, on deck phones and landline phones on shore connects 130 platforms back to the mainland’s key locations through the IP phone network. This implementation provided key elements required to meet strict EPA regulations on data retention by the operators for audits and potential investigations

The Moroccan Police Department

DGSN – Morocco – National Police Dispatch and Police radio traffic, phone to radio connectivity. Morocco’s police network is a single national force. Its headquarters are located in Rabat. All calls to the police for assistance or to report an incident are centralized to the National Dispatch office. Once the call is received (and recorded by Cistera) the dispatcher contacts officers in the area the call originated from to respond. All radio traffic associated with the incident is recorded until the officers conclude their duties. Recordings are retained as evidence for case investigations or follow up.

Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia

Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (DCA) – Cistera is installed in multiple sites and configured to capture and record Air Traffic Controller radio traffic and Ground Control radio traffic. This solution monitors 6 separate civilian airfields supporting private and commercial air traffic with a total of 36 separate radio channels (aviation control frequencies) being monitored and recorded. DCA is required by government authorities to maintain these recordings as part of government mandates and homeland safety initiatives. The system is set up to also allow radio traffic to be monitored through a desktop phone for supervisor or security personnel use.
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