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Cistera Radio to Radio Recording (R2R) plays a critical role in maintaining safety, security and operation standards in the transportation industry. The transportation industry is highly regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), and includes the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Federal Transit Administration, the Federal Railroad Administration, and the Maritime Administration. These agencies regularly monitor and audit safety, compliance, security and operations of companies and organizations that operate in this sector.

Operations requirements include open communication between dispatch and the vehicle, ship, train, or public transit operator. Monitoring and retaining records of these communications provides the means to retain clarity of situations that result in events or compliance violations. It also provides a mechanism to review training and response.

Cistera R2R provides an accurate record of all communications in case of accidents, events or public emergencies. It enables the transportation organizations and agencies the capability to quickly review the cause or nature of the problem and act promptly with responses based on real time information. This ensures the safety of the public, passengers, crew, and cargo.

The Cistera R2R platform is utilized worldwide to record important security and operational communications, major transportation facilities, and in vehicle to dispatch communications. Cistera R2R recording platform enables operators to review safe operations communications and to support forensic incident investigations.

Cistera R2R services the following markets:


  • Train, Bus and Subway Systems
  • Transportation Control Centers

Air Traffic Control

  • Airline Ground and Deck Operations
  • Airport Security, Police and Fire

Dispatch & Security

  • Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Transport
  • Air Cargo Dispatch & Security including DHS access points

Ports, Roads, and Security

  • Shipping Port Health and Safety Operations
  • Port Control Centers including harbor masters
  • Bridge and Causeway Operations & Security
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