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Cistera R2R Recording records, logs and

plays back two-way radio recordings

Driving organization efficiency, compliance and safety

Cistera Radio to Radio Recording is compatible with most radio manufacturer models

Two-way radio recordings are immediately available for instant recall, forensic replay, incident reconstruction, quality assurance, quarantine, export and reporting. They can be stored on a server, data center VM or cloud for instant access and retrieval. Cistera R2R Recording provides organizations with the ability to record, store, tag, easily search and retrieve radio calls, economically.

Cistera two-way radio recording provides an enterprise-wide solution for recording radio radio communications, whether analog or digital. By supporting both transmit and receive audio channels, Cistera R2R Recording helps organizations meet their security and compliance requirements, while also ensuring quality performance standards. Organizations can easily monitor and analyze call recordings.

Two-Way Radio Recording Compatibility

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