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Two-way radio communication is an essential tool for airport operations. It allows ground staff, air traffic control, and other personnel to communicate quickly and efficiently. However, in the event of an incident or emergency, it is important to have an accurate and detailed record of the communication that took place. This is where Cistera Radio to Radio Recording (R2R) comes in.

Cistera R2R is designed to monitor, record and store active radio communication on a particular frequency or channel. Radio communications are captured and stored on a dedicated server and can then be played back later for review and analysis. In an airport setting, this can be critical for investigating incidents, resolving disputes, and improving communication protocols. It is also critical to have these available on demand for regulatory agencies such as DOT, FAA, DHS or FEMA.

One example of the importance of two-way radio recording is in air traffic control. Controllers need to be able to recall specific instructions given to pilots in taxiways in case of an incident such as collision or to assist in investigations. This can be difficult to do accurately without a recording of the communication. Furthermore, a controller may be overseeing operations including flight line, ramp, or tarmac where aircraft are parked, unloaded or loaded, refueled, and boarded, it can be difficult to remember exactly what was said during a particular conversation or direction given to ground crews.

Cistera R2R is also widely used by Airport Police and Security in responding to incidents and security breaches. Communications between teams, and in some cases Ground Control, is essential in mitigating the impact of an event.

Cistera R2R plays an important part in all airport operations. It helps ensure accurate communication, improves safety and security, and provides a valuable record for future analysis and training purposes.

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