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Two-way radio recording
for the energy sector

Electrical power generation, natural gas, propane, and alternate energy sources make up one of the largest and most disperse sectors we serve. Cistera Two-Way Radio Recording solutions for the energy sector are found at natural gas power stations. We also serve nuclear power generation facilities, and natural gas well operation plants. These include mines propane recovery locations, wind and solar power generation and distribution. Cistera R2R is also found within the distribution network that moves these resources to homes and businesses.

Two-way radio recording energy communication is perhaps the most critical aspect of energy sector communication. Smooth coordination between teams is often paramount to safety. However, the reliance on verbal communication also presents a risk of miscommunication. This is particularly important in situations where response time or safety is key. This is where two-way radio recording plays a major role in providing records of events and in many cases inter-agency response.

Cistera R2R is used to identify errors in communication. It also identifies areas where safety procedures need improvement. Cistera R2R also aids in the review of field procedures. Recording review can identify process issues or opportunities to improve.

In a highly regulated and compliance-driven environment, Cistera R2R serves as a benchmark for evidence of compliance requirements, which are critical for risk management, agency and internal investigations.

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