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Cistera’s two-way radio recording solution for law enforcement helps to increase compliance, training insights, audit trails and documentation. The system provides end-to-end digital audio recording of police radio traffic and supports all major radio technologies.

In addition to recording police radio traffic, Cistera’s two-way radio recording solution for law enforcement facilitates incident management. It also delivers real-time visibility into operations through live streaming audio. This allows supervisors to monitor officers in the field more closely and quickly respond to any potential issues or concerns.

Cistera R2R also provides valuable insights into law enforcement activity through report generation and real-time analytics. This helps identify areas of improvement as well as provide documentary evidence for police compliance audits and legal proceedings. Furthermore, the recording solution supports audio and video training by helping officers develop best practices. Cistera provides insights that ensures officers are constantly improving their performance in the field.

Overall, Cistera’s two-way radio recording solution for law enforcement helps to streamline operations and provides invaluable insights for officers in the field. The system ensures that police radio traffic is securely recorded, while offering a comprehensive view of activities taking place in the field. The result is improved training opportunities. Recording audits ensure that all officers are following proper protocol. Cistera’s two-way radio recording solution helps law enforcement agencies stay ahead of the curve when it comes to managing operations.

Additionally, Cistera’s two-way radio recording system ensures that all recordings are securely stored for easy retrieval. This makes it easier to review records and quickly access specific files as needed. The system allows law enforcement agencies to easily share audio recordings with other departments or outside organizations when necessary.helps

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