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Since the 1800s, natural resource harvesting and management has played a key role in almost all industries and everyday life. While the practices have changed over the years, the industry has also become very regulated with U.S. Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service overseeing permits, work practices, legal compliance, and safety.

Two-way radio communication is vital in the industry for communication efficiency and the safety of workers. Radios allow workers to communicate easily and quickly, especially in emergency situations or remote locations such as mines, quarries, forests or access tunnels. Constant monitoring and inspections by government agencies have created a myriad of recordkeeping requirements, which now includes all forms of communication.

Cistera’s Radio to Radio Recording (R2R) is a necessary tool as it provides a record of all communication on the radio channels, which can be used to investigate incidents, review procedures, and clarify instructions. This tool is also used for training purposes, as it enables the management team to review communication with workers in the field, ensuring that they are following proper protocols. Recording records become key to OSHA, BLM investigations for violations or safety incidents.

The natural resources industry is inherently dangerous, and accidents happen frequently, even with the implementation of numerous safety protocols. Cistera R2R provides records and insights for the management team to assess situations, improve policies and procedures, and implement new safety measures. The recordings also play a key role as evidence to authorities, insurance companies, or other third parties.

Cistera R2R is an essential tool in the natural resources industry as it not only assists with communication efficiency and training but also helps ensure the safety of workers. It provides a valuable record of all radio communications and serves as a powerful resource for investigating incidents and identifying trends for continuous improvement.

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