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Public Venues encompass a wide variety of sites, buildings, convention centers and professional sports stadiums. These sites normally host thousands of attendees in a fluid and many times are difficult to monitor with conventional security practices.

A combination of radio communication and cameras make up a key component of security for these venues. Security teams are usually made up of a set of supervisors and third-party entities providing on the ground presence. Communications and clarity become key to providing a safe and secure venue for the attendees.

Cistera Radio to Radio Recording (R2R) makes up a key component of the security operations in these settings. As an example, Professional Sport stadiums such as Major League Baseball present a security challenge due to the facility layout, concessions, sale of alcohol, arguments between fans, site threats or intrusions or weather emergencies. Regardless of the situation, the security teams must quickly coordinate with each other, receive instructions from supervisors and protect the public.

Cistera R2R works in conjunction with the site’s IT infrastructure and utilizes both the IT network and existing Radio network to capture and store all radio communications. Recorded records are immediately available for senior security staff to review and make decisions on response. In many cases, these supervisors are in a security center in the building and do not have visible access to the incident.

Follow on investigations by venue staff, local police, legal teams etc. rely on having accurate and accessible records of the event, responding parties, and potential liabilities. Cistera R2R provides archival capabilities to allow record retention for long periods of time during investigations, and in some cases court schedules.

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