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campus safety


Campus two-way radio recording solutions provide a comprehensive way for schools to monitor and record essential conversations. Recordings enhance situational awareness, compliance, and drive training needs analysis. Capture recordings for various teams such as security officers, campus police, bus drivers and first responders. Critical communications record accurately and securely so the right information is always available. 

Cistera R2R provides context to violent or dangerous incidents on campus. Clear communications between security or campus police and EMS personnel allow first responders act quickly and effectively, potentially minimizing the impact of the event. Record, monitor, and retain two-way radio communications to investigate incidents, response, and interactions as part of follow-on investigations and procedure audits. In many cases, these recordings assist legal discovery.

Cistera R2R contributes to policies and regulation enforcement such as parking rules, public gatherings, noise violations, and other minor offenses. By recording communications between security personnel, campus administrators can ensure that policies and procedures are being enforced consistently and fairly. Campus two-way radio recording solutions provided for:

  • Campus Police, EMS, Security
  • Parking, event Staff including third party contractors
  • Inter-agency interaction with public safety, fire and EMS
  • Safety and security
  • Intercampus transport
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