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Today’s modern shipping ports move close to 1M TEUs a month. The operations makeup includes ship management, ship to shore operations, gantry movement, rail and trucking. Their single purpose is to load, unload and move shipping containers, roll on/roll off and break-bulk cargo and hazmat. Shipping port two-way radio recording is an important element of port operations. Radios are present in everything that moves. Cistera provides communication integration with Port Police, US Customs, DHS and FEMA.

In these dynamic situations, equipment and containers are in constant flow. Incidents and accidents have historically been documented by word of mouth. Today, ports enlist a fleet of cameras and radios located on the ground and in every ship to shore crane to monitor, record, and archive the daily flow. 

Cistera two-way radio recordings provide the health, safety and operations teams with critical communication records for incident review. In situations where multiple port resources respond, our clients capture and store the flow of communication for investigation by port operations and the various agencies.

Cistera shipping port two-way radio recording provides port operations with several key additions to their safety and compliance practices including:

  • Ability to review training, crane operator and ground safety practices.
  • Enhance compliance, policy adherence, and post-event investigations.
  • Synchronize visual and audio replication of situations or events at the site.
  • Situational analysis related to port security is now accessible by external agencies.
“The Cistera team work closely with us to enable recording of our crane communications using our existing radio network. The system is designed to allow recording flexibility and remote access. We capture and review safety and operator compliance in our STS operations. In addition, we have the ability to synchronize radio communications with site cameras in the event of an incident at the terminal.”
East Coast Port Operations Manager
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