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Two-way radio recording oil and gas industry

Two-way radio recording for
the oil and gas industry

Two-way radio recording for the oil and gas industry is essential. Employees often work in various central locations and need to maintain real-time communication with one another. Cistera can support onshore operations, including shore terminals pipeline operations, storage and refineries. Cistera Radio to Radio Recording (R2R) monitors and records operations communications. 

In addition, we help to optimize site security & safety, and operational dispatch communications at Oil and Gas drilling, midstream and distribution facilities. This provides key compliance & records requirements for USCG, OSHA, EPA, DHS and other agencies. The Cistera R2R platform provides options to scale on a site, platform or entire facility. Cistera two way radio recordings are accessable via secure login to the recording server.

One Cistera client, a large oil operation in Texas says, 

“We operate over 220 offshore platforms so our two-way radio recording and communication is extremely important for our oil and gas operations when responding to emergencies or incidents. Access to recorded communications allows us to quickly and accurately determine the sequence of events and take appropriate action to address response and any issues. Additionally, the recorded conversations are used as evidence and can help to ensure compliance with industry regulations.”

“Cistera two-way radion recordings provide us with scale of flexibility we would not find in other radio recording solutions. It provides us with the ability to deploy and scale the platform in multiple locations, using existing radio networks and manage the platform remotely.”

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